mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

Egitto: Rivoluzione

In passato ho seguito un poco questo blog, che ha occasionalmente parlato dei casi di aviaria in Egitto. Oggi dell'Egitto racconta quello che sta succedendo:

As expected Mubarak and his regime have been preparing a scheme to attack our great protesters. 
There is a civil war currently in Al Tahrir protesters thanks to the NDP thugs and there are currently dead and injured among the peaceful protesters , I want to cry and scream. 
We understand the plan now , the police forces were resting during all those days. The NDP businessmen tycoons reportedly like Hassan Ratab and Mohamed Kamal paid money to thugs and to their employees and workers in order to launch these huge 
Foreign journalists were attacked and harassed , their equipment was smashed. 

There were horses and camels used against the protesters , some say that these horses and camels came from Al Harm area while others including me  believe that these are the horses and camels of the MOI especially the Hagna borders security is known for camels and whips ,also I saw horses used in the CSF once at Cairo 

According to eyewitnesses among the Pro-Mubarak there are members of the police force from the CSF , police agents and state security officers. 

The thugs are blocking Kasr Al Nil bridge , people can’t get to Al Tahrir to deliver the medical supplies and aids. 

The pro-Mubarak thugs were nearly going to burn down the Egyptian museum and the old historical building of ministry of foreign affair , that wonderful palace in front of the League of Arab states.

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